Friday, February 27, 2009

Medieval Limp Book Binding Part I: Tools

I've been wanting to post a little bit about medieval limp binding. It is a bookbinding process which involves using leather for a soft cover and securing the signatures to the spine with a long stitch. The process creates a "limp" cover because it uses no boards. The effect is a lovely hand bound book that travels well and is representative of the medieval limp bound style. My tools are not very period, but they get the job done effectively. In the video below I will discuss my bookbinding tools and their uses. I apologize if the video is a bit jumpy at times. Enjoy!

Here are some links for materials I mentioned in the video:
Articus Studio - bone folder and book binding supplies
Harbor Freight Tools - paper cutter
Dick Blick- a kit included my wood folder and metal awl
The Leather Guy- a great source for small pieces of 4oz upholstery leather

Just a quick note about reclaimed materials: If possible, check out your local Craigslist free section for any shops that may be getting rid of leather samples. Ask around for sources of leather pieces as it doesn't make sense to get a new hide if there are quality materials available that would otherwish hit the trash.

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  1. very cool video! thanks for sharing! Will patiently await the next one.