Monday, March 9, 2009

Archery - Making a Leather Quiver

This past Saturday I had a day long Functional Sign Language training in Lancaster which was conveniently only a few minutes away from Lancaster Archery Supply. I dropped into their facility to have a look at bows and get some quiver options. I knew going in that I wanted a hip quiver that was basic and functional for target shooting. I really struggled with the knowledge that I could make one myself if I just drafted a pattern and had some tubes. I ended up buying a simple quiver with three arrow tubes to dissect and recreate out of leather. I mainly did this because they didn't have separate arrow tubes in stock and I figured the few extra dollars spared me having to draft out a decent pattern from scratch. I will go over my process below.

My leather target quiver is based on a simple modern target quiver. It is basically a sleeve pattern piece of leather that tucks into a rectangular tab at the base of the sleeve. It uses three arrow tubes to hold twelve arrows. It is designed to be a hip quiver and has a strap that can be attached to a belt of a pair of pants using a clip.

I used a 3oz brown leather for the outside of the quiver and used the original canvas piece as a lining. A 4-5oz leather alone is probably a better idea. I also used oval shaped scraps of black leather as reinforcement areas for the strap that secures the arrow tubes. The straps are from the original piece, but could easily be made with leather straps and riveted below the O ring for the belt clip.

I sewed the entire piece on my Janome, but I have to admit some of the areas were difficult even for my heavy duty machine. I would suggest taking your time and having a pretty hardcore needle in your machine.

Here are some pictures of the finished quiver:

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