Monday, March 9, 2009

Archery - Making a Leather Shooting Glove

As I wrote in a previous post, I'm finally getting into archery and have little in the way of supplies. I've been working over the past week to change that though. Along the way I ran into a problem that I often have. I found myself looking at supplies and immediately going "I could make that. In fact I have the materials at home already. I should just inspect it and figure out a pattern for it on my own." I of course have to recognize that my creative talents are better left to sewing and leather work as opposed to woodwork. So I decided to concentrate my efforts thus far on a leather shooting glove and a leather target quiver. First I will discuss the glove.

I made it over the course of two days. All in all it probably took closer to three or four hours of work including patterning and sewing, but there was much delay in between. (A certain budgie wanted to be on my hand when I was trying to hand stitch.)

I created the pattern based on a leather winter glove I own and a pattern I found on That glove site is profoundly helpful and was created by an SCAdian lady. I may include the pattern image if I ever decide to scan it. Most of the sewing was done on my new machine, but the tips of the fingers, the center points between each finger and securing the horn button were done by hand.

I used a lovely 3oz brown leather I purchased a few months ago for the glove and a strip of 5-6oz black leather that I got a few Pennsics ago for the wrist strap. The horn button was purchased at Jo-Ann's. I am happy with how it turned out for the most part. I had some difficulty getting the points to meet with the tips of the fingers, but this was expected for a first time glove project.

Some pictures of the completed glove are below:

Palm view of the entire glove.

Horn button and wrist strap.Back view of fingers.

Palm view of fingers. The middle one aligned poorly toward the tip. Grr.

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