Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Budgie Weighs One Ounce

Nikolai has been with me for one month now, which would make him just about 3 1/2 months old. He/she is really the sweetest budgie I've ever had. He's learned a lot over the past few weeks. He is able to give kisses, step up, step down, grab a ball and drop it into my palm and touch a target object on command. I have training sessions with him at least twice a day. We work on the things he knows already and try to learn new tricks.

His very beautiful coloring is yellow face type 2 cobalt opaline cinnamon.

He just got a new play gym a few days ago that he absolutely loves. He usually gets at least 45 minutes or so out of the cage to play on the gym by himself each day. He's very tame and will entertain himself on the gym while I read do something else nearby. Out of curiosity I used his play gym today to weight him. I put a scale on top of the cage, put the gym on the scale, then put Nik on the gym. Sneaky huh? Well, adorably enough the little fellow officially weighs only one ounce.

Just for reference, that weight is equivalent to an empty ring box and a spool of thread.

"Hey, I found another budgie in this shiny part of my gym! "

Nik's color mutation is very beautiful.
Note the little patch of blue on his belly.

A short video of our training sessions.
That's millet all over the table. Spoiled bird.

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