Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Archery Practice

I finally, after years of excuses, made it to an SCA archery practice. Being poorly under equipped, I was glad they had some loaner gear on hand. I can't say I'm good at shooting but I didn't hit any people, didn't damage anyone's arrows, stayed withing two feet of the target area and only got scratched up a few times. That all spells first day success to me. Tonight was probably the most fun I've had in a while. That mostly being attributed to the combination of finally doing something I've put off for far too long and having the chance to do it with a friendly group of people. The evening was nicely wrapped up with a group trip to a local diner and my almost one hour ride home (which flew by). Once I got settled at home, I got online and ordered a dozen wooden target arrows. I'm definitely pretty excited about all this. I will absolutely be there next week and I'm hoping that I'll have the chance to get a few things in the mean time. A flemish string, bow stringer, bracer, hip quiver and glove are on that list. I don't want to rush out and get the first things I see. I would like to at least be patient and get some quality supplies if I'm going to stick with this. I have a sign language training this weekend in Lancaster, so I may stop by the archery shop out there and see what I can do about making myself a properly stocked archer. Horray for discovery!

This image above is "Discoverer" by Gold-Seven

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