Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Showing Off a Few Necklaces

I just wanted to use a post to show off some of the jewelry items I made a few months ago. These were quite different for me since I tend to do renaissance reproduction bead work. I did have all of these posted on my Etsy, but some have since expired. I may post them again if the mood strikes me. Feel free to comment on which ones you like the most and why.

Turkish Odalisque

Pearls, Rainbow Fluorite and Adventurine

Rita's Autumn Dream

Pearls, Red Jasper and Pewter

Jacob's Beloved
Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Sterling Silver

Hidden in the Oak

Rhyolite, Pearls and Cast Metal

A Heart of Gold

Amethyst, Gold Vermilion Beads w/ Gilded Glass Pendant

First Love

Czech Pearls, Purple Fluorite and Garnet

Winter Solstice

Amethyst and Glass

Czarina Alexandra

Czech Pearls, Crystal Spacers and a Vintage Pendant

Besotted Naiad

Shells, Pearls and Cast Metal

Tudor Sweetheart

Czech Pearls and Glass Bicone Beads

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