Friday, April 3, 2009

Awesome Waldorf Toys

Spring Lyre- by Palumba

I'm not much of a baby oriented kind of person, but since I have a niece I think about what toys I would go for if I had a kid from time to time. I do enjoy some cute Scadian babies with period looking toys and amber teething necklaces. I also have been into Waldorf inspired toys lately. Two people from my herbalism class are teachers at a Waldorf school so I did a little research into Waldorf related things lately to get a better idea of what they do. You can find some great information on In the process I ended up coming across some fabulous developmentally appropriate toys that inspire creative play and are intended to nurture the growth of the whole child. Below are some examples from Etsy that I really like.

Beeswax Modeling Clay- by Twinkle of My Eye
-What a great natural alternative to play doh!

Starry Night Playsilk- by Vivid Tribe
- The dye job on this silk is so inviting.

Felt Horse Pattern- by Woolhalla
-Think how cool it would be to make a little felt heraldic blanket for one these cuties!

Tree Stacker Puzzle- by Small Town Toys
-I know some of the kids I work with would love this. It's a puzzle and a size stacking project.

Ohio Maple Triangle Teether- by Little Alouette
- The texture of this is described as "sanded silk". So alluring.

Hand Carved Maple Rattle- by Canadian Wood Crafts
-Start them young with this and it's an easy transition to a Bodhran drum later on!

Crotchet Salad Pattern- Whimsy by Jess Nicole
-This is just so cool. Makes me wish I could crochet.

Olka Rabbit- by Green Man Shop
-This cutie has a interesting back story to read up on. Plus I love the great color and texture contrasts on this bunny.

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