Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Limoncello Update

The birthday limoncello reached a major milestone today. After over 40 days, the batch was ready for step 7 in the Limoncello Quest process... adding the simple syrup. Since I was off from work today due to an injury, I had a good bit of time to devote to this process.

After about 45 days of isolation, the budding batch of limoncello enjoys a few minutes in the sun.

I started of by making a simple syrup on the stove. As I was pouring the filtered water in to begin the syrup it hit me that my limoncello really needs to be split between two bottles. While the syrup was cooling, I poured out and measured the mixture thus far. 6 cups of liquid plus another 2 of zest solids.

I cleaned out another bottle and split the syrup evenly between them. I then split the original mix evenly. I learned that it's not simple to get the solids back in, but making them into little balls first helps. When I was all finished today, I had doubled my limoncello quantity due to the addition of simple syrup. It's looking like I will have about a gallon by the end of this all.

The two bottles of limoncello can now keep each other company until early June when they will be filtered and bottled.

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