Thursday, April 16, 2009

Djembe Repair - How to Wrap a Drum Hoop ( Visual Tutorial )

Last night I picked up some beautiful blue batik pattern fabric for wrapping the top hoop of my Djembe. I got 1/2 of a yard of this 45" fabric. I cut 1 inch wide strips out of it and barely needed two of those strips to wrap the hoop. I will likely use the rest of the fabric to make a head cover eventually.
As you can see below, the hoop was originally wrapped in a black fabric. It actually was a very thin, almost gauzy tape and really not of high quality. I decided to wrap the new fabric right over the old since the old stuff was so thin and I didn't want to deal with the frustration of trying to unravel the black tape from the hoop.
I started by folding the edge of my blue fabric over just enough to create a clean edge on one side. The picture offers a decent demonstration of this. I then put a little bit of glue on the hoop and wrapped the blue strip over once. Holding the blue strip taunt, I continued to wrap clockwise around the hoop at about a 45 degree angle. This ensured that the strip wound nicely around the curve while cleanly covering the raw edge on the other side.
When I had finished wrapping, I folded over the end and used some glue to seal it to the hoop. The effect was a nice spiral that was snug against the hoop all of the way around. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It almost looks like drops of blue water against a black background, which goes nicely with the fish motif on my drum.
I also ordered new rope and goat skin for the drum today. I was able to get the rope at about 1/4 the price I had seen on many drum sites, but I will explain more about that later. My next Djembe post will likely be after those items arrive and can be put to use.

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