Friday, April 17, 2009

Night Repair Skin Salve - Visual Recipe

I'm almost completely out of the salve I use on my cheeks and palms every night before bed. Today I decided to make a new test batch and document the recipe along the way. This recipe takes some waiting time for certain steps, but otherwise is relatively simple. Again, this is something you can prepare in a small batch and does not require much work space.

Candle warmer
Small ceramic mug
Cup measure
Measuring spoons
Wooden stir stick
Apothecary jar or empty tin

3 T Dried Rose Petals
2 oz Oil Base (prefer jojoba, sweet almond oil works too)
1 t Granulated Beeswax
15 drops Rose Absolute Oil (in carrier)
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops Vitamin E Oil
3 drops Orange Oil

Notes about oil bases:
I would advise against using olive oil as a base for this recipe as many olive oils have a natural smell that competes with the essential oils in the salve. Also, Vitamin E oil is very necessary for base oils other than jojoba. Vitamin E oil acts as a preservative for the oils that have shorter shelf lives.

Turn on candle warmer.
Place rose petals in the mug.
Place mug on the warmer.

Add oil base and mix well.
(Oil should cover the rose petals.)
Allow to infuse for 3 hours.

Strain infused oil mix through cheesecloth.

Squeeze any extra oil out.

Your infused oil will look something like this.
Bits of petal on the bottom is normal for now.

Stir in beeswax.

While the salve is melting, add the other oils.

Transfer your hot salve to a jar or tin.
(Any petal bits should stay in the mixing mug.)
Remember to warm glass jars first before pouring in hot salve!

The finished product.
It looks solid here, but is actually creamy to the touch.
It blends nicely into skin and has a light floral scent.

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